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The Rose Cleansing Stick That Feels and Smells Like Heaven

I’m usually swimming in product so it takes a lot to intrigue and ultimately wow me. After being really into oil cleansers for the past year, this happened: the SU:M37’s Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick. This cleanser has preemptively blown all the other cleansers out of the water (at least for 2014) and I think we’re going to have to wait for the rest of the world to catch up.

  • Natural. It’s made out of fermented damask rose extract. Note: For centuries roses have been a prominent ingredient in skincare products. The benefits of rose extract is plentiful: a proven anti-aging ingredient, with moisturizing and firming properties.
  • Multi-tasker. You’re essentially massaging the product on your face in light circular motions – which helps with your circulation and leads to brighter skin. Plus you get a bit of gentle exfoliation since the product is in it’s natural, raw form.
  • Gentle. It doesn’t strip your face of its natural oils. Recommended for all skin types.
  • Scent The rose scent is heavenly, every wash feels and smells like an indulgence.
  • Packaging Why aren’t more cleansers in stick form? It’s frickin’ genius!
  • Portable For the well-traveled. No messing with ziplock bags or dealing with spills.


For the best results. Turn the dial below counterclockwise to produce 1cm of product. Rinse your face, then using circular motions, gently massage the stick cleanser onto skin to product a rich lather. Rinse with cool water and pat dry.


SU:M37 The Brand “SU:M” represents the Korean word for respiration and the number “37” signifies optimal fermentation temperature. These two words perfectly describe this premium Korean beauty brand, which specializes in naturally fermented skincare.

Fermentation is the process in which yeast secretes enzymes that are beneficial for the skin. It naturally creates amino acids such as collagen, and increases cell vitality and turn over rates. SU:M37 naturally ferments and extracts these enzymes from the plants to put in their skincare products, which takes about a year. This skincare concept is exploding in Korea as we speak.

SU:M37 has a wide variety of fermentation skincare products that I am in the process of testing as well. SK-II also specializes in fermentation skincare but I really appreciate SU:M37’s more affordable price point.

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