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AmorePacific Time Response Skin Renewal Sleeping Mask

A Face Mask That Improves Your Skin While You Sleep

How a luxurious sleeping mask improved my skin—and my nighttime skin care routine.

If we were living in a cartoon you’d definitely see a lot of question marks popping out of my head every time I lay down for a facial and hear the words, “Your skin is dehydrated.” I know, winter is definitely here and with the new season comes cold winds and blah blah blah, but, hey, I follow all the skin care game rules! So this week I decided to take my esthetician’s advice and try a sleeping mask. Luckily for me, my decision came at the same time that AmorePacific launched their new sleeping mask so I decided to put it to test and share my review of this product with you.

The Brand
First things first, to give you some context: AmorePacific is the biggest Korean cosmetics company out there. They carry over 20 brands like IOPE, Mamonde, Sulhwasoo and, of course, the brand AmorePacific itself. Founded over 70 years ago, this skin care brand is focused on having the best and purest ingredients you could ever imagine. Because of that, they make sure to cultivate their own ingredients and monitor every step along the way, from planting to combining these elements into innovative formulas and putting them on the shelves for our delight. If you have ever come across an AmorePacific product you certainly will have noticed that the brand is all about luxury and providing a unique experience to their customers.

AmorePacific Time Response Sleeping Mask product review
The Product
AmorePacific’s Time Response Skin Renewal Sleeping Masque is the newest product launched by AmorePacific in the U.S. territory—the official launch happened last night in New York City. The Masque is the final step in the luxurious Time Response routine, which already includes nine products: face, hand and eye cream, toner, serum, and eye masque to mention a few.

This overnight formula encourages the 3-step skin cycle: purify, boost, and renew. All in all this gives you a firmer, smoother, more hydrated and glowing skin, a.k.a. everything I’ve been asking for.

Product Review: AmorePacific Time Response Sleeping Mask
If you’ve read any of my other reviews you already know that I grew up associating moisture with breakouts so it is key for me (and maybe even more for my conscience) to source moisturizing ingredients alongside anti-inflammatory ones. When I saw that this sleeping mask is enriched with a unique combination of green tea (green tea stem cell, green tea saponin, and green tea EGCG), I felt like trying it immediately.

As you may already know, besides soothing, hydrating, and fighting aging signs, green tea has also documented breakout-busting properties, so I felt safe.

Use It To
Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, smooth, firm, hydrate and improve your skin’s moisture retention.

AmorePacific Time Response Sleeping Mask product review
My Impressions: AmorePacific Time Response Skin Renewal Sleeping Masque
I used AmorePacific’s Time Response Skin Renewal Sleeping Masque about 2-3 times a week for 8 weeks, applying the formula directly onto my face using the fancy brush. The recommended amount was more than enough for my entire face, too.

Since the first application, I felt that the formula readily melted into my skin without leaving behind greasy or sticky feeling at all. I also noticed right from my first time using this product that I woke up the next morning to a smoother skin, especially on my cheeks, where it tends to be a bit flaky.

After 8 weeks using this sleeping mask 2-3 times a week, I can tell that my skin is definitely more hydrated, smooth, radiant, and even firm. The results were more visible especially on my forehead and neck: the fine lines that were starting to form in these areas are getting more and more subtle—but of course, they are still there, so don’t expect miracles, but instead, a good improvement.

I will definitely continue to use this product, although I must say that the price tag ($200) makes me think twice before purchasing it after I finish the one I have—that may be good at least for another month.


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