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makeup trick for monolids

4 Makeup Tricks for Monolids that Go Beyond Liquid Liner

It’s time to break away from traditional liquid eyeliner and embrace different makeup techniques. These are our best makeup tricks for monolids.

If you have monolids like me, you’ll understand the frustration of trying to imitate make-up tutorials. But while “cut-creases” might not be exactly our thing there is no need to think of monolids as limiting! Rather, what I’ve come to learn after years of trying to make eye makeup work for me, is that having a monolid just means having to get better acquainted with your face. 
The issue that I’ve found with monolids is that there is less direction given by the shape of your eye. Basically, you have a flatter canvas to paint on, which can make more complex looks come out a little messy if not done right. But the canvas also acts as an incredible space for creativity! Monolids are ripe for experimentation from both color to shape and since they get less attention and representation in Western media, you are always a guaranteed trendsetter whenever you try something new! But, if you’re looking for a more day-to-day look and want to table the adventurous for now, here are a couple of tips I’ve picked up with regards to monolid make-up.

Avoid darkness

Although not a strict rule, try avoiding eyeshadow colors that are too dark as they tend to weigh the tops of your eyes down, making them look smaller. When you opt for lighter colors, your eyes appear brighter and bigger, making the entirety of your face look a bit more awake and fresher. Focusing on your bottom lash line is a great way to open up your eyes; a brightening eye pencil is one of the best tools for a monolid! 

Try eyeliner colors other than black and brown

makeup tricks for monolids
On a similar note, not only eyeshadow colors but also eyeliner colors can make a huge difference for monolids. Because monolids lack a crease, sometimes using black or liquid eyeliner can look a bit out of context, and so I think that a smudgy eyeliner look is usually the way to go. We love using the Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner in Chic Navy for a pop of cobalt blue that gives eyes a nice metallic glint for a night out.
makeup tricks for monolids

Turn your highlighter into eyeshadow

makeup tricks for monolids
Also, for nights out, I really love using sparkles or glitter since monolids tend to show them off really well. Not only do they brighten your eyes, but they are also a great way to make your look more luxe without having to do a ton of extra steps. If I don’t want to go 100% glam, but still want that hint of shimmer, I really like using highlighter on my eyes since it blends into my skin color but still retains its shine. Try the Son & Park Highlighter Cube for a soft shimmer that opens up eyes.

Use your brow powder as eyeliner

makeup tricks for monolids
Eyebrow powders work great as eyeliners since they’re usually a bit creamier than eyeshadows so they are easier to control and stay longer, but are also not too strong. If you draw a very thin line with the Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder along your upper lash line and then use a slanted brush to extend the line outwards, making it slightly thicker, your eyes are given more definition without the heaviness. 

Try cream blush as eyeshadow

Texture is another great way to shake up your eye makeup when you have a monolid. Since you don’t have a crease, the texture is really prominent giving your face another dimension and making your look overall more interesting. I love using my cream blush on my eyes to give my eyes a really subdued and matte look that contrasts so nicely with the drama of a red or orange color. On the flip-side, I’m also a big fan of putting a little bit of clear lip-gloss on my eyes, even without any color underneath, letting the color of my own skin become my eyeshadow.    
Speaking of using the color of your skin, one thing that I really love about having a monolid is that I really have to think about my skin color when using different eyeshadows since there are less shadows at play. I think that paying more attention to how your skin color and eyeshadow color interact actually makes for a more cohesive make-up look as all the different components are working off of your personal baseline skin tone. 

Bottom line:

The most common misconception I see with regards to monolids is that they are all the same! Just like everything else, when it comes to your body, one size does not fit all and so focusing on just the fact that you have a monolid is not enough and in fact does an injustice to your uniqueness! 
Paying attention to your eye-shape, the size of your eyes, their placement in your face, your coloring—all of these factors are hugely important! When thinking about how to make a look work for your monolids, also make sure to pay attention to how your monolids are working in the framework of your face. 

+ What are your best makeup tricks for monolids? Share them in the comments!

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