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Lipstick, Blush, Eyeshadow: This Product Does It All

We’re always on the hunt for products that multitask almost as well as we do. If this means having a lipstick, a blush, and an eyeshadow all in only one product, girl, you betcha: We’re going for it. Meet the one-does-it-all of Korean beauty and get inspired by these Pinterest looks you can get with it.

The Product
Although most of these products are still on the shelves under the name of “lip tints,” they actually do way more than just coloring your lips. Let’s take Etude House Darling Water Gel Tint as an example. First of all, don’t be scared by how dark these formulas can look in the package—one of the best things about them is that they give the perfect dewy, believable-looking flush for any skin tone. Ready to give them a try? Here’s a few ways you can play with it.

Use It As…

・A Lip Tint

The most obvious way, apparently. What is not so obvious is that, although it has a very lightweight formula, you still can build your look as bold as you want. Here’s our favorite way to use it: Apply a little bit of product on the center of your lips and then tap the color onto the corners with your fingers. Don’t worry if it doesn’t end up looking perfect. Actually, looking kind of blurred is part of the charm here.

・A Blush

Rule number one to get a natural flush—and not a line-shaped stain on your face—is to moisturize your cheeks with clean fingers right before applying the tint. After that, tap the color gently onto the skin to build your blush little by little. Another option is using a damp beauty blender dipped in moisturizer and a little bit of tint to get a soft touch of color on your cheeks.

・An Eyeshadow

To color your eyelids, put a bit of tint onto your fingertips, making sure you distribute it evenly to avoid clumps. Follow by patting the color onto your eyelids, making sure you blend it well. If you want to add a cooler finish to this look, try dabbing a little bit of highlighter over the stain.

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