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korean products for acne scars

The Products You Need to Get Rid of Acne Scars

Korean beauty products can be a godsend for many issues—pigmentation, oily skin, and sensitive skin, just to name a few. Here, we share the best Korean products for acne scars.

We’ve all been there—a blemish pops up and the urge comes to pick at it and have it be gone. You know it’s a no-no, and the second you fuss with a spot, it gets red and angry and leaves you with an annoying souvenir: an acne scar.
This can even happen with recurrent breakouts that you do your best not to touch. But fear not! It is possible to heal breakouts faster, and to ensure that scarring is minimal and heals fast. All you need is the right arsenal of ingredients, many of which can be found in a variety of K-beauty products. Read on to learn about the best Korean products for acne scars and banish them once and for all.
The healing cleansing routine
To treat acne scarring, you have to start at the source, which is the breakouts themselves. Your first step should be having a cleansing routine that banishes dirt and debris and helps fight the bacteria that causes acne, along with having soothing ingredients that will keep swelling, redness, and irritation to a minimum.
Any good k-beauty routine should involve a double cleanse, so start with an oil cleanser like the Banila Co. Clean It Zero Purity for Sensitive Skin. It’s truly pure: free from artificial coloring, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and parabens—all of which could irritate breakouts and clog pores. The sorbet-like texture melts into the skin and clears away any trouble-causing debris. This leaves your skin ready for an acne-fighting water-based cleanser, like the Skinfood Tea Tree Bubble Cleansing Foam. Tea tree and ginger oils help to treat and soothe acne, while glycolic acid helps to even out skin tone to boost cell turnover, making way for healthy skin cells to do their thing.
The turnover-boosting exfoliant
Speaking of dead skin cells, a chemical-based exfoliant can be your skin’s best friend when it comes to finally getting rid of pesky, left-behind acne marks. Where you are exactly in the scarring cycle though can affect which exfoliant you need to use. In the midst of healing a recent breakout, a gentle peel like the Goodal Natural Clear Mild Peeling Gel can help blemishes to heal in overtime, thanks to skin-rejuvenating lemon and wintergreen leaf extracts which chemically exfoliate and slough away debris. Fermented birch sap helps to hydrate so skin is soothed and encouraged to heal.
For older scars, an acid approach will help fight surface scarring with regular use. The lactic acid and textured surfaces in the Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon’s pads work to create a smoother complexion overall, while getting an extra brightening boost from the featured ingredient, lemon. Loaded with antioxidant vitamin C, lemon extract is known for being a powerhouse brightening ingredient.
Another great exfoliator from Neogen is their Dermalogy Real Cica Pads. This gentle exfoliator won’t bother the skin at all, in fact you can even use it every single day. This is because they contain PHA. They also come pre-soaked in a solution of centella asiatica and hyaluronic acid to soothe inflammation and irritation.
The brightening serum
As I mentioned above, vitamin C can be your best friend when it comes to fighting scarring. It’s a powerful brightener, helping to even out skin tone and lighten even the toughest dark spots. The Cosrx Triple C Lightning Liquid is a winner thanks to its pure 20.5% vitamin C (ascorbic acid) content that works to fight free radicals to delay signs of aging, boost overall radiance and brighten dull and dark patches. What sets it apart from other C serums is its inclusion of chokeberry extract, a stabilizer that helps the ascorbic acid to work to its full potential without irritating the skin. Just to be sure to follow it up with …
The protective SPF
A huge part of fighting scarring is making sure that dark spots don’t become darker due to sun damage. It’s important to protect your skin with SPF everyday to prevent scar darkening and keep any sun spots and freckles away.
It’s best to look for a formula that features ingredients that fight free radicals and pollution, which can weaken your skin’s protective barrier. The Missha Near Skin Dustless Defense Sun Block SPF 50+/PA+++ helps to create a non-greasy barrier that keeps pesky environmental pollutants from adhering to your skin and also protects against damage from the sun, ensuring that acne scars don’t overstay their welcome.
Another great choice is the  Tony Moly Tako Pore Sebum Sun Stick. Not only is this sunscreen super cute and great for your big, but it also has SPF50 protection! It’s great for combination and oily skin types.

And don’t forget to hydrate

The Easydew Repair Control Renewal Moisture is a lightweight moisturizer you can use both morning and night. It’s formula contains EGF. niacinamide, and adenosine to smooth and even out skin, as well as centella to calm redness and irritation. Pair it with the Easydew EX Repair Control EGF for maximum results!
+ What ingredients do you look for in Korean products for acne scars? Let us know in the comments below!
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