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5 Addictive Korean Dramas You Can Watch on Netflix

Here is our ultimate list of the best Korean dramas on Netflix. Happy watching!

Last night, the last episode of Because This Is My First Life aired. Even though the ending was satisfactory to some extent and gave me a sense of closure, I was still left with a void in my heart, knowing that I won’t be seeing my future husband Min-ki Lee on screen for a while.
So, as I was browsing streaming platforms for my next TV addiction, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Netflix, of all places, offers plenty of options for a Korean drama rebound. If you love Korean dramas, you know how annoying it is to have to comb through questionable streaming sites and join free trials just to start a new show.
Here are 5 Korean dramas you can start watching on Netflix right now.

Descendants of the Sun (2016)

Photo credit: KBS

Si-jin Yoo (played by Joong-ki Song) is the captain of the Special Forces Unit. While off-duty, he and his friend catch a motorcycle thief, who is then sent to the hospital to receive treatment for his injury from the capture. This event connects Si-jin with Dr. Mo-yeon Kang (played by Hye-kyo Song) who treats the thief. Feeling an instant spark, Mo-yeon and Si-jin start seeing each other, but Si-jin’s demanding and unpredictable schedule tears them apart—that is, until they are both sent to serve in the country of Uruk by coincidence.
The cinematic qualities really set this drama apart: This is easily one of the most watched dramas of 2016 that became wildly popular in Korea and in other parts of Asia. This is also the drama that brought Joong-ki Song and Hye-kyo Song together in real life: The “Song-Song couple” married at the end of last month!

Strong Girl Bong-Soon (2017)

Photo credit: JTBC

Bong-soon Do (played by Bo-young Park) is an average young woman with a small frame. But she has a big secret: The women in her family are cursed with a ghastly strength that enables them to lift and destroy buses, bodies, and anything in their path. While Bong-soon tries to keep her strength a secret and blend into the crowd, the appearance of a psycho misogynist kidnapper in her town forces her to intervene. 
If you’re into handsome Korean actors like I am, you’ll appreciate the love triangle involving Bong-Soon, Min-hyuk Ahn (played by Hyung-sik Park) and Kook-doo In (played by Ji-soo) as they try to solve the crime and earn Bong-soon’s love.

Reply 1994 (2013)

Photo credit: tvN

This is a throwback drama for Koreans who recall the major events of 1994 and onwards, such as the appearance of the mega-hit band Seo Taiji and Boys, as well as the gadgets, toys, and TV shows of that era. The story is about six college students who live in a boarding house run by the parents of Na-jung Sung (played by Ara Go), whose interactions and evolving relationships will make you laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. The story is told retrospectively, so throughout the entire season, you’ll be guessing which guy Na-jung ends up marrying.
This is the second season of the hit Reply series. Personally, I have a soft spot for the first season Reply 1997 (2012), also available on Netflix, namely for actor and singer In-guk Seo. The third season, Reply 1988 (2015-2016), is also a popular one that features Hye-ri Lee from Kpop group Girl’s Day and actor Bo-gum Park. Recently, the third co-star Jun-yeol Ryu confirmed that he’s dating Hye-ri in real life! Watch the third season on Viki here.

Oh My Ghost (2015)

Photo credit: tvN

This is another drama starring Bo-young Park that you don’t want to miss. A sad assistant chef, Bong-sun Na (played by Park) is a timid weakling who struggles to get by. But she has a hidden talent: She’s able to see ghosts. One day, she becomes possessed by a virgin ghost Soon-ae Shin (played by Seul-gie Kim) who is determined to enter the afterlife by losing her virginity. This causes Bong-sun to act completely different, as she goes about seducing her boss Sun-woo Kang (played by Jung-suk Jo), who is intrigued yet confused by her sudden change in character.
This is a drama involving ghosts that’s hardly scary. You’ll appreciate Bong-sun’s constant aegyo that melts Sun-woo’s heart, as well as the tense crime twist involving police officer Sung-jae Choi (played by Ju-hwan Lim) around the death of Soon-ae.

The Sound of Your Heart (2016)

Photo credit: KBS

This drama is really something else. Based on the hit web cartoon series by the same name, The Sound of Your Heart is a story about Seok Jo (played by Kwang-soo Lee), a struggling cartoonist, and his unsupportive family. The plotline is straight up ridiculous as well as hilarious, and the relationship between Seok and his girlfriend Aebong (played by So-min Jung from Because This Is My First Life) is unlike any other romantic relationship in Korean drama history. In fact, that applies to this show in general: It’s really something. Just watch the first episode, and you’ll see what I mean.

Banner photo credit: tvN.

+ What are your favorite Korean dramas on Netflix? Share in the comments!

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