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Here’s What Your Blood Type Says About Your Personality, According to Korean Culture

Korean blood type personality traits are more myth than actual facts. They are kind of like astrology, but super fun. Find out if your blood type matches the personality traits associated with it!

In Korean culture, your blood type is known to be an important indicator of your personality. Depending on your blood type, you may be a sensitive soul picking dandelions in a field or a motorcycle gang member living life on the fast lane.
Though definitely a myth rather than a scientific fact, these blood types can tell you a lot about yourself or your upcoming blind date. Think of them as horoscopes or a simplified version of the Myers-Briggs test—they’re a quick and fun way to understand human behavior.  
Here are the four blood types you need to know and their characteristics. You may be surprised by how accurate some of them are!

Blood Type: A

Timid, sensitive, and reserved, you like to be polite and considerate of others. You value safety and morality, and you get anxious if you don’t get to stick to the rules. If a cashier at the register gives you too much change, you’ll probably return the extra amount. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble sleeping that night.
You’re a bit of a perfectionist, who makes sure to finish each task, even if that means spending extra hours working on something. Because you’re hardworking and responsible, people around you tend to value and trust you.
On the flip side, because you’re a perfectionist, you get caught up in the details and end up worrying about unnecessary things. You work without working smart, often failing to find a shortcut. In relationships, you play it safe and wait for the other side to express their feelings first. Because you’re sensitive, you take things personally and easily feel hurt.

Blood Type: B

Impatient, active, and passionate, you’re someone who can’t be tamed. You’re a creative thinker and a straight-shooter who doesn’t like to waste time on little things. If someone cuts you in line at the airport, you make sure he regrets the day he was born, but you also hold no grudges afterwards.
You’re extremely curious and value having a sense of freedom. Because you’re honest and caring at heart and love to make people laugh, you make friends easily. Because you enjoy attention, you might even be a social butterfly, and you often find yourself butting into other people’s conversations.
In relationships, you easily fall head-over-heels and tend to get attached, but your passion sometimes fades as fast as it has come. Because you’re curious and creative, you sometimes lack focus, and your behavior can come off as selfish and impulsive.

Blood Type: O

You’re a born leader who’s well-rounded and respected. You speak with your actions rather than words, and you have no problem maintaining a large social circle. When it comes to work, you’re in it to win it, and you accomplish things with success.
Because you’re honest about what you like and don’t like, you can sometimes come off as obstinate, opinionated, or condescending. Because you hate to feel like you’re losing, you often have trouble reaching a compromise or being the first to apologize.

Blood Type: AB

You’re quirky and unique. You like to spend time alone and stay immersed in your own world. In Korea, the common belief is that anyone with the AB blood type is either a genius or the exact opposite, but whichever one you are, you act like you’re from another planet.
Once you’re interested in something, you dive deep and show little concern for anything else. You’re very meticulous and practical, and you don’t like to do anything that is not to your own benefit or personal interest. You draw a strict line between business and personal life, and you like to keep things clear without complexity involved.
Because you don’t like others interfering in your life, when people try to help you, you sometimes act cold and end up hurting their feelings. People find you mysterious because you don’t like to reveal your personal side.  

+ Is what your blood type says about you accurate? Let us know in the comments!