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6 New Korean Brands To Watch

6 Korean Beauty Brands to Watch in 2017

In a world with countless innovators pushing the boundaries of K-beauty, there are some up-and-coming brands that are really making their presence known in the beauty space. Read on to get to know who they are and the reason behind all that buzz.

Maybe there has been a time when you’ve considered purchasing a higher end brand at a higher price point because you assumed that the formula was better performing and effective. Well, that definitely is not the case for Korean women when they shop for their beauty products. In Korea, women are not loyal to brands and they’re not necessarily shopping for luxury brands either. As long as the stuff works, it doesn’t take long for these secret potions to become viral. Here are 6 new, up and coming Korean beauty brands to keep on your radar!

Benton: One of the new Korean beauty brands to keep on your radar
1. Benton

Benton has become known as the brand that uses fresh and natural ingredients in all of their products, a lot due to their amazing Snail Bee line. Their products are actually created in small batches, so you can believe that their formulas really are made with pure ingredients and with less chemical preservatives. Their formulas are also extremely potent with no fillers so your skin will restore quickly while getting the benefits of quality ingredients.

Klairs: One of the new Korean beauty brands to keep on your radar
2. Klairs

Klairs definitely made its name for all K-beauty shoppers with their powerful and affordable Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum. They gained even more fans when their Supple Preparation Facial Toner ranked No. 1 on Korea’s top beauty app, Glowpick. Its gentle formula is infused with soothing properties which you can also find in other Klairs products, too. When the brand went viral, it instantly became the go-to for all the sensitive skin types out there to get results for a healthier and stronger complexion.

E Nature: One of the new Korean beauty brands to keep on your radar
3. E Nature

Though small and still niche in Korea, E Nature is a brand in particular that is able to differentiate itself from the hundreds of skin care brands out on the market. They are known to incorporate natural and innovative ingredients—a good example here is their birch line, that uses birch sap instead of water to boost hydration. E Nature is far from being a “kept secret,” though. Especially after winning beauty awards in Korea and becoming the parent company of It’s Skin, another K-beauty brand making its way into the U.S.

SkinMiso: One of the new Korean beauty brands to keep on your radar
4. Skinmiso

If you follow Korean beauty or if you watch some of your favorite K-beauty enthusiasts on YouTube, then you probably have heard of the brand Skinmiso. The brand only has four products, but their Pore Beauty Nose Pack went completely viral because of its gentle 3-step process and effective results. Blackheads are no longer that big a deal since these guys entered the market—we’re raising our hands now, anyone else?.

Klavuu: One of the new Korean beauty brands to keep on your radar
5. Klavuu
Many of Korea’s pop stars and celebrities are fully aware that pearl extract is the key to getting glowing and luminous, bright skin. Now you can turn to Klavuu for their White Pearlsation line that has the pure pearl ingredient that removes dark blemishes to brighten and restore skin. Their White Pearlsation Revitalizing Pearl Treatment Toner has a white and milky texture that performs anti-aging functions to prevent wrinkles and fine lines for improved elasticity.

Heimish: One of the new Korean beauty brands to keep on your radar
6. Heimish
This cosmetic brand launched in Seoul in early 2016 and already has been turning heads with its easy-to-wear philosophy for an effortless, everyday look. Aside from their makeup products, they have also come out with a natural and paraben-free cleansing balm that is made with coconut oil and shea butter. It’s great for all skin types as it leaves skin to remain soft and hydrated after removing makeup and cleansing.

+ Which of these new K-beauty brands are you going to try next? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below!

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