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Klog Chat: When Did You Start Using Anti-Aging Products?

How do you know when to start using anti-aging products? Welcome to Klog Chat, a series where we ask you to tell us how you do skin care and beauty. Here we’re wondering: When did you start using anti-aging products? Let us know!

Aging is an inevitable part of life, and with it often comes fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of collagen amongst other skin concerns. And though anti-aging is something ever present for all of us, it’s also different per individual. For some, signs of aging can begin in their twenties (or even earlier), for others it begins much later.
Korean beauty innovations have made magic: products that can push off and hide signs of aging. But when is the right time to start using them? Preemptively? Only once the fine lines have begun to show?
For the Klog team, preemptive measures against aging were taken early. Renee says: “I started using lactic acid regularly only a few years ago once I started seeing fine lines on my forehead and just general sagging. Before that, in my early 20s, I became sort of obsessed with anything labeled ‘anti-aging,’ which I think was a mistake. I don’t think my skin was ready or even needed so many strong actives and ingredients and it actually ended up clogging up my pores and creating dull skin.
“I took a step back and realized that I’m in my 20s and I only need to use acids and an eye cream when it comes to anything related to anti-aging. So now I switch off between a glycolic acid toner and a salicylic acid toner every other night and I use the Erborian ginseng eye cream to help make my eye area look more awake.
“But my biggest anti-aging regret is not using sunscreen earlier. While I was so obsessed with using a bunch of “anti-aging”-labeled products in my early 20s, I wasn’t committed to wearing sunscreen every single day (especially if it wasn’t sunny out) and I also wasn’t making sure that it was at least SPF 30. Now I am so obsessed with wearing sunscreen (with at least SPF 50), I literally feel naked if I leave the house without it on.”
Tina says: “I think sunscreen is the best anti-aging product. Thanks to my mom who is obsessed with sun protection, I’ve been wearing SPF every day since 10th grade. I’m now in my early to mid twenties, and when it comes to actives, I prefer to use only a small amount when necessary. The only anti-aging product I would use on a regular basis, besides sunscreen and eye cream, is the Missha Night Repair Ampoule, which I started using right after college. It has a tiny bit of retinol and makes my skin brighter and smoother. If my skin is dull and needs brightening, I would also add Vitamin C, but I don’t use it every day. One area I’ve been interested in targeting is my neck. Maybe it’s my posture, but I have deep wrinkles there already, so I’m definitely on the lookout for products that help.”
Marissa, The Klog’s social media intern, began using eye cream at the age of 21 under the advice of her mom. Starting in 2018, she’s also incorporated an anti-aging face wash into her routine. For Katherine, The Klog’s content intern, eye cream began at the age of 20, but primarily because of a dry eye area, rather than anti-aging. Both won’t walk outside without sunscreen.
So this week at the Klog we want to know…

When did you start using anti-aging products? Why? Have you come across any great hacks along the way? What anti-aging advice do you wish someone had given you earlier?

Discuss with us in the comments!

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