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Klog Chat: What’s Your Dream Skin Care Product?

Welcome to Klog Chat, a series where we ask you to tell us how you do skin care and beauty. Here, we’re wondering: What is your dream skin care product?

It’s gift giving season, and we’re all trying to think of the best and most clever presents to give to our family and friends. When it comes to skin care, there are plenty of of great products and sets to give, but now we want you to think about yourself. More specifically, we want to know what your dream products is! What is the one product you wish existed? The one product that has the most amazing ingredients, the best texture, and would basically act as a the ultimate holy grail in your routine?
For The Klog team, it’s all about products that save us time in our routines. Meg is looking for a moisturizer that comes with extra boosters. “My dream product would be a cream that you can inject with different serum ‘add ons,'” she says. “One of my favorite hacks is to add the Hanskin 369 oil to whatever moisturizer I am using. I think it would be so cool to have a moisturizer that comes in packaging that makes it customizable. Adding a rich serum to your cream makes it gentler on skin and makes the texture of your skin and the product amazingly smooth.”
And Tina’s looking for a moisturizer that will basically do her entire 10 step routine for her. “You know that magic gum in the Willy Wonka movie that makes you feel like you ate an entire meal, from appetizer to dessert? My dream product is a moisturizer that adds hydration to your skin in several layers, making you feel like you just did an entire hydration routine,” she says. “When you first put it on, it starts hydrating your skin like a lightweight, watery toner, but then it starts to deposit richer moisture into your skin like a hydrating essence and then a moisturizer. At the end, your skin feels like you put on a thin layer of facial oil on top of everything, so your skin is hydrated all day. Having this product would save me so much time, morning and night, and it’d make traveling with skin care so much easier.”
And Renee’s looking for a moisturizer that helps with her blackheads. “One of the biggest problems I have with my extensive skin care routine is that, because I use so many products, I get a good amount of blackheads on my T-zone,” she says. “I’m so sick of extracting them every week, but I know I need to apply a essences, serums, and a moisturizer on that area because I don’t want wrinkles. My dream product would be a moisturizer I could apply on my T-zone area that contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid and shea butter to moisturizer but also really powerful chemical exfoliants, like a mix of different acids, to keep the area clear and sebum-free.”

It’s your turn! What’s your dream skin care product? Share your hopes and wishes in the comments below, and you could win a curated set of skin care products from The Klog team based on your skin type!*

*Giveaway details: Post a comment on this article sharing your dream product and why, as well as your skin type and your Instagram handle. Make sure you follow The Klog on Instagram.

Two winners

will be randomly selected and contacted via direct message on Instagram to receive three skin care products sold on Soko Glam based on their skin type. Giveaway ends on Monday, December 11 at 11:59PM EST. US residents only.
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