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Here’s How to Submit Your Own Klog Beauty Diary!

We’ve launched a Klog Beauty Diary submission form! Find out all the details below.

Have you ever been curious how other people spend their money on skin care and beauty? Well, welcome to Klog Beauty Diaries!

If you’ve been on our site recently, then you’ll know that this is a Refinery29-inspired series where we’ve been asking people to recap their daily beauty routines.

Think of this as a digital version of going over to a new friend or acquaintance’s house and doing the subtle snoop through their medicine cabinet. But instead of taking a real life sneak peek, why not take a virtual look at a complete stranger’s routine? Are they a responsible saver or do they splurge a little too often? Do they skip a step in their routine that you think is crucial? What are their holy grail items? It’s all of the fun with none of the guilt!

So far we’ve talked to a marketing manager in Pennsylvania who shares her $345 skin care routine with her 6-year-old daughter, a medical student in New Hampshire who loves The Ordinary, and a woman in New York with a $540 routine who works in skin care.

And we’d love to talk to you next!

Think you have what it takes to be a diarist?

It’s pretty simple. But remember, the more detail you give, the more engaging your routine is likely to be! Make sure to keep everything in present tense and only mention the products you use on that specific day. For example, if you woke up late and are having a lazy day, make sure to write that down. Or if you have an event to go to that evening and are going all out, that’s cool too. Tell us about it!

Here’s an example from a previous diarist:

9:05 am – For makeup, I use the RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up ($36), which I bought in college when I went through an organic beauty phase. I apply a muted coral blush from the ELF Soft Cream Blush Palette ($6) and set everything with the Son & Park Flawless Pore Pact ($27), which is my favorite setting powder ever. – $69

Ready to submit your’s? All you have to do is fill out our form. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Fill out your name and email address

Step 2: Tell us your current job title and industry

Step 3: Let us know your age and the city you currently live in

Step 4: Fill out our time slots with what products you used, what you think about them, and their price.

And don’t worry! This is a totally anonymous process and we won’t be sharing your name and email address with anyone. Unfortunately, not everyone will be chosen, but for those that are, we will email you for more details.

So then how do you pick?

We pick based on what we think will be an interesting and compelling read, and also by what gaps in ages or occupations we haven’t covered yet. Beauty Diaries is looking to feature a diverse selection of people as possible, i.e. different jobs, incomes, ages, locations, etc…so don’t be afraid to submit. We’d love to hear from you!

Submit your diary here!

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