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What Products From Kaja, Sephora’s K-Beauty Brand, Look Like On

Last month, Sephora launched Kaja, a fun, color cosmetics collection powered by Korean innovation and technology. Curious? We broke down our favorite products from the line, plus the ones we think you could skip.

If you love Korean skin care, you’ll love Korean makeup, or at least that’s what Sephora is betting on with its recently-launched line, Kaja. The retailer has partnered with beauty platform Memebox to create the collection of color cosmetics that’s made in Korea.
Korea isn’t known for a heavily made-up aesthetic, and the products reflect this. The 47-piece line has everything you need to create a you-but-butter look, along with some brightly-colored options for a fun twist.
Intrigued, The Klog team put a handful of the brand’s most popular products to the test and documented the results (see photos below!).
Let’s start with the misses. The Mochi Glow Bouncy Highlighter ($19) gives cheekbones a subtle gleam that those who like a more low-key look might appreciate, but it’s a little chalky and there are so many highlighters out there that are more pigmented and cost less. We had a similar experience with the Beauty Bento Bouncy Shimmer Eyeshadow Trio. We found the pigments to be a little too shimmery and sheer (there’s not much of a visible difference between the three shades in each stack) to be worth the price of $21.
That said, there’s plenty of products to love in the line. Below, The Klog team shares the products we’re most into from Kaja.
“Now that cooler temperatures have arrived in NYC, my skin is drier which means my makeup doesn’t apply as smoothly as it did a month ago. But with this primer, my foundation, blush, and concealer glided on like a dream and stayed put all day. It made my skin feel like silk and look glowy, too.
The results might be a little too dewy for someone with oily skin, but if you have dry skin like me, this one’s a winner.” – Sarah Ferguson, content manager
“I’m a big fan of matte lipstick, and this product delivered without being drying or flaky. I was able to wear it through a long day at the office (I’m sick right now) and it stayed on with very little reapplication. I also loved the fact that the matching liner is attached to the stick; I hate carrying around solitary liners in my bag.” – Marissa Louie, coordinator, social media & community
“I have hereditary under eye circles that look purple no matter how much sleep I get, so under eye concealer is an absolute must for me. This one all but erases the rings and blends right into my skin so it doesn’t look cake-y. The key is that the formula is peach-toned, which color corrects dark circles. At more than $10 less than my go-to product, this concealer is definitely going to be a staple in my routine.” – Sarah
“The blush delivered the most for me in terms of color and blendability. A huge plus is that the packaging can easily be thrown in any bag and is stable and secure enough to take on the go. This is important because the color doesn’t last long! On first wear, I felt like all the blush I had packed on in that morning had melted off in the subway by the time I arrived to work. If you live somewhere with a hot or humid climate or lead an active lifestyle, I recommend putting a powder blush on top to set it. That said, because the blush is applied with a cute heart-shaped stamp tool, it can be easily reapplied.” – Marissa
“Color-changing lipstick always sounds cool until you swipe one on and watch as your lips go from pink to a slightly pinker pink. Boring! So when I tried this balm I was fully prepared to be underwhelmed. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. The shade Twilight boosted my pale natural lip color to a noticeable, flushed hue that gave my whole look a jolt of energy. Unlike other color-shifting lip products – and even plain old tinted balms – I’ve tried, the color lasted through my lunch and only required one touch-up from morning until night. Because the formula is a bit drying, I applied an ointment-type balm over top, which, mixed with the color, gave my lips a nice juicy look.
I definitely plan on using this on days when I don’t feel like wearing lipstick, but want a pop of color.” – Sarah

Bottom Line

The products aren’t exactly groundbreaking and the quality, while fine, leaves something to be desired. Still, Kaja does have some things going for it. The line is definitely cute and all of the products we tried are pretty foolproof to use and travel well, which makes sense considering Kaja means “let’s go” in Korean.

+Have you tried any Kaja products? What other Korean makeup brands would you like to see us try?

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