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We Tested 9 of the 14 New Innisfree My Cushion Foundation Shades

Once we found out that the Innisfree cushion was going to come in 14 different shades, we knew we had to test them out. Check out our review below!

After all the hype around the new Innisfree store in Union Square, the Klog team was dying to put the brand’s new range of cushions to the test. We got 12 people to test 9 of the 14 shades in the new line of My Cushion Matte Full Cover. Here’s what we thought:


The packaging options are endless and one of the best perks of the Innisfree My Cushion. There are so many to choose from and who doesn’t want a specific cushion case to match your vibe? Packaging isn’t everything but it’s the first impression of a product, and it speaks volumes that Innisfree has made an effort to create a large variety of patterns and looks so that each person can really create their own cushion experience.


The product was fairly easy to apply—just dab it onto your face. It was a bit more temperamental to blend than other cushions I use, mainly because this one has a more matte finish. It has amazing coverage though, and gives you a really great finish for having your picture taken.
A great tip I learned from Tina, a fellow writer at the Klog, was to press the cushion in and then twist so that you get a more even distribution of foundation on the puff. That ensures that the products is less likely to cling to weird places on your face and look more consistent. 

Feel and Texture:

Full disclaimer: Since diving into the world of K-beauty, I’ve learned that I prefer a more dewy look than a matte one. I tend to get dry patches that don’t mix so well with really matte formulas.
Initially, the feel of the product was a little dry on my fairly dry skin, partly because it’s been a while since I used a matte formula and it’s that lovely transitional weather time of year. That being said, on people with more oily skin, the matte effect set much better. To compensate us dryer types, we added a spritz of mist (the Neogen H2 Dermadeca Serum Spray works well for those with more sensitive faces), and some Banila Co primer. I kept the foundation on for the remainder of the day and found that it stayed on really well and even looked better with time.
For comparison I also tried out the Innisfree Aqua-Fit Cushion SPF 40 (it comes in the same exact shade range as the matte version) and found that this was much more compatible with my dry skin. I really liked both the light scent of this formula and the hydrating way it sunk in. I usually have to be wary of scented products because my skin is so sensitive but this is both natural and refreshing and doesn’t irritate my skin at all.
The finish of this formula was also was still fairly matte, so if you are a dry skin type going for a matte look that won’t cling to dry patches, this is definitely for you. The Aqua-Fit cushion is formulated with green tea extract just like the matte counterpart, but has the added boost of hyaluronic acid, which is a godsend if your skin is flaky.

Shade Range

Most K-beauty brands are quite limited when it comes to shades, and don’t go beyond a generic Beige 10, Beige 15, and Beige 20. The new Innisfree My Cushion not only has 14 shades, it has grouped them by undertone, allowing for one the most spot-on color matching shades in the world of K-beauty. The darkest shade the cushion comes in is Chocolate:
innisfree my cushion
Below, we tried nine of the 14 shades, ranging from the lightest (Cool Ivory) to the second-to-darkest (Golden Tan).
Shade: Cool Tones 
C11 Cool Ivory – Meg
C13 Light Beige – Amy

Shade: Neutral Tones

Soojin – N21 Natural Beige
Tina – N23 True Beige
Tina’s thoughts: “I loved that there were different tone options, so I wasn’t forced to choose between cool and warm within one shade. Luckily, I had exfoliated the night before, so I didn’t see it clinging onto my usual dry spots. But it definitely settled into fine lines under my eyes and in my smile lines. While I think this cushion would be good for extremely oily skin, since it’s actually matte, I’ll most likely use this only in the warmer months.”
Amanda & Diana – N27 Sand
Chris & Martie – N31 Walnut
Chris’s thoughts: “It matched my skin well, but suits oily skin better than dryer skin types. If you place the product harder on the skin and set it with a mist, it’ll look more natural. Otherwise, it can grab texture.”
Martie’s thoughts:After a few minutes and a few mists, the product did settle onto my skin and looked natural and felt lightweight. That being said, it took lots of blending and misting to make it work on my skin.”

Shade: Warm Tones

Renee –  W21 Warm Beige
Renee’s thoughts: “The 14 different shades made it perfect to find a color that completely matched my skin tone and undertone, but I did notice that there were way more choices for beige skin tones than darker ones. Unfortunately, the matte version was not hydrating enough for my really dry skin. It looked pretty patchy and scaly on me, even after I tried to resuscitate my skin with a mist. However, I tried the same shade in the Aqua version of the cushion and it was a whole different story. Thanks to hyaluronic acid in the formula, the color glided on easily and blended like a dream. Best part: It stays on all day without budging.”
Sabrina & Justine – W33 Chesnut
Shante – W37 Golden Tan

Bottom line:

As far as matte finish cushions go, the matte Innisfree My Cushion is really effective at coverage and leaving your skin velvety. However for those who tend to get dry patches that foundations love to cling to, I would recommend the Aqua-Fit Cushion to ensure you get a smooth and flawless result.
The shade range was really well thought-out in that it took into account various undertones that really make or break a good cushion match, but there is still a good amount of work to be done to incorporate the different undertones and shades of dark and deep skin tones. But for those who match the 14 shades, with the cute case options, it’s bound to be just as fun picking out the product as it is to wear it. Way to go Innisfree!

+ What do you think of our Innisfree cushion review? What are your thoughts on the shade range? Let us know in the comments!

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