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Volcanic Ash

Volcanic ash has been used as a skin care ingredient all over the world for centuries. Korean skincare companies typically use volcanic ash from the country itself, and one place, in particular: Jeju Island. Often compared to charcoal, this finely sifted and milled ash works to detoxify and soothe. Because it doesn’t dissolve in water, it’s used often to address skin concerns like acne.

Benefits: It’s valued for its ability to purify the skin, disinfect, and exfoliate. It works to slough off dead skin, rid the skin of impurities, squash acne, and soothe dry and condition prone skin.

Skin Types: Much like charcoal, those with oily and acne prone skin will benefit the most from using volcanic ash. Because it’s drying, it should only be used as a treatment one to two times a week!

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