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Azelaic Acid

Azelaic acid is a dicarboxylic acid derived from grains like wheat and barley. It’s an acid and antioxidant! It inhibits the growth of acne-causing bacteria and is a natural exfoliator that helps to reduce the buildup of dead skin cells. On top of all of this, azelaic acid has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and targets pigments that create hyperpigmentation. 

Benefits: Due to its targeted fight against bacteria, it eliminates whiteheads and black heads. Unlike other acids it also works well with cystic acne! The ingredient’s exfoliating and anti-inflammatory points help reduce redness, especially for those who suffer with rosacea. The benefits don’t end there! The dicarboxylic acid prevents and reduces hyperpigmentation.

Skin Types: The acid itself is most effective at 15-20% formulations, but that would be way too much to start out with for anyone’s skin, regardless if they’re sensitive or not. Similar to other acids you’ll want to ease into using it with an adjustment period. It’s best to start out by alternating nights and then eventually working up to everyday usage when you feel your skin is ready. After this, any skin type is good to use this hard-working ingredient!

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