Watch: How to Pack Your K-beauty Routine in Your Carry-On

By June 23, 2017

Check out the latest K-beauty Bites on how to pack skincare for travel:

Having a full 10 step routine is great, until it comes time to fly. Traveling with skin care is often daunting—literally ten steps worth of liquids, gels, and creams—AKA exactly what the TSA tells you not to bring. However, there are a few ways you can make traveling with your skin care a whole lot easier. Read below to find out our favorite ways to travel with our skin care, and keep our skin fresh on the go.

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Tip 1: Use a balm oil cleanser

This first one is super simple. Oil cleansers can be tough to pack because the pump bottle makes the liquids to prone to spillage. But an easy way to avoid this is to purchase an oil cleanser that comes in a solid balm. The Enature Moringa Cleansing Balm is one of our favorites, and it’s below TSA regulation size for carry on! It’s spill-proof, easy to use, and even easier to pack.

Tip 2: Pre-soak your toning pads

Nothing feels better in the middle of a travel day than freshening up your face with a toner or cleansing water, like the Son & Park Beauty Water. But you don’t have to bring a whole bottle and cotton pads with you everywhere you go. Instead, pre soak your cotton pads with toner, and seal them into a Ziploc bag. This will keep them fresh and moist and make it super easy to tone up your skin on the go.

Tip 3: Put your eye cream in a contacts case

Wearing eye cream every day is a must, which is why you need to pack a hydrating eye cream like the Hanskin Bio Origin Eye Cream. Luckily, the beauty of eye cream is that you don’t need very much of it. Instead of bringing the whole jar, fill an old contacts case with the eye cream and you’ll have a few days worth of cream in a much smaller package. It’ll keep it fresh and ready to apply on the go.

Tip 4: Use an eye dropper for your facial oil

Similarly, you can use an eye dropper bottle for facial oils like rose hip oil. Most facial oils come in fragile bottles, so packing your oils in a spill-proof plastic eye dropper bottle is a much better way to travel. In the video, we just bought a dropper bottle from the Container Store, but any eye dropper bottle will work. Additionally, the eye dropper will make it super easy to apply right onto your skin.

Tip 5: Mix your serum into your moisturizer

Mixing your serum in with your moisturizer has long been a tip for people with sensitive skin, especially if you’re using an acid serum like the Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum. However, it also makes for a great way to turn two liquids into one, and lightens your travel load. Just put a dropper of your favorite serum into your travel moisturizer, and mix them together. It’ll be easier to pack, and even easier to apply. When I travel, I like to pack the Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Cream because it’s very hydrating and great for daytime and evening.

Bottom Line

Traveling shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing your skin care routine. In fact, while you’re traveling is one of the most stressful times for your skin, so it’s even more important to have a good routine with you. With these tips, traveling with your skincare will be easier than ever.  It’ll keep your bag lighter, your bottles smaller, and your skin fresher.

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