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How Korean Girls Style Their Bangs in the Cutest Way

Have you noticed how Korean girls don’t have just any regular bangs? They have the coolest bangs ever. Whether they’re super wispy and see-through, extra choppy, or curly (without looking cheesy at all), here’s how Korean girls style their bangs in the cutest way.

Subtly curled
On a random day strolling through Seoul, expect to see high school girls walking around with perfectly placed hair rollers in their hair. Yes, it’s totally normal to see girls wearing actual rollers out in public and not bat an eyelash. Just look at actress Lee Sung Kyung, who starred in the popular Korean drama series Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo:

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That’s because—if you’re style savvy in Korea—you know that the roller is the key to flawlessly curled bangs. It’s become a style within itself and a must-have accessory. It’s become so popular because of its ability to create voluminous bangs that perfectly frame the face.
How Korean girls curl their bangs:
If you want a face-framing style, go for the three roller method. This is where you take the front of your bangs and place the roller directly underneath your hair and then curl inward instead of outward. This way, once you take out the roller, the hair will have a slight curl and lay against the forehead.

For the side pieces, you roll them inward so it creates a face framing portrait.
hair roller

Image Credit: 뷰티랩TV

At this point you can choose to blow dry the hair for a few minutes, or if you’re short on time and need the style to set quickly, you can always try heated hair rollers, which have become so popular in Korea that they now have USB rechargeable ones. If you’re not into using heat, you can leave the rollers in overnight, which would be great way to save you some extra time and protect your hair from any damage.

See-through bangs
Another popular style is lightly curled bangs that are virtually see-through. As you can see on the flawless actress, Song Hye Kyo, this style isn’t as structural as roller-curled bangs, but instead, more wispy.

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How Korean girls create see-through bangs:
All you have to do is divide your bangs into three different sections similar to the roller style—two on the side and your main fringe in the middle. You then take your hair straightener and curl it inward rather than the normal straightening motion to create soft, effortless bangs that lay perfectly on your forehead.
bangs with straightener
You style the pieces surrounding your face by dragging them outward with the straightener.
hair straightener

Image Credit: Jin&Jung

After putting in all the effort to create the perfect bangs, you can seal in the style and finish your hair off with some extra shine with the Skinfood Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence, which is an oil based hair essence that helps to smooth damaged and frizzy hair.
Choppy bangs
Blame it on a resurrection of the ’90s, but more and more Korean it-girls are sporting super short choppy bangs these days. Take a look at this Stylenanda model:

Notice how these bangs aren’t thick and choppy; they still retain a see-through quality, except they are cut straight across for a more pronounced look. These kind of bangs aren’t really a result of any special kind of styling—they just require a great hair stylist who knows how to cut choppy fringe and the confidence to rock bangs above your eyebrows.
Whichever version you like best, there’s no denying that there’s some serious skill and a major cool factor to how Korean girls style their bangs.

+ What do you think of how Korean girls style their bangs? Let us know in the comments below!

Main photo credit: @stylenanda_korea
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