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Erborian Ginseng Infusion Total Eye

The Eye Cream That Saves Tired, Jet-Lagged Eyes

Read our review of the Erborian Ginseng Infusion Total Eye and see why it’s the eye cream you need if you travel a lot.

You know what’s famously awesome for your skin? Travel. Dry recycled airplane air, sudden climate changes, dehydration, messed up sleep cycles: what’s not to love, right? It’s an odd sort of irony that going to beautiful places can make your skin, well, less so. And since this past month has featured a lot of time zone hopping for me, you can imagine how awesome my skin has been looking and feeling.
Being of the Really Very Pale persuasion, one of the most obvious after effects of serious travel time that I have to fight is around my eyes, where the thin skin tends to get dark and bruised-looking, with the added attractive bonus of crepe-y dehydration. After a couple of weeks of back and forth flights, things were looking dire, which is why I was so excited to get my hands on the Erborian Ginseng Infusion Total Eye.
The ingredients:
Packed with rich shea butter and five moisturizing botanical oils, as well as traditional medicinal herbs, this eye cream is dense in the pot, dotted with tiny ginseng beads that keep the active ingredients encapsulated until it hits your skin. The star ingredient is ginseng, which has a long history in the Korean beauty world for its anti-aging properties. Here it teams up with centella asiatica, AKA gotu kola extract, to beat back the ravages of fine lines and help make the undereye area look more perky.
Throw in soothing licorice, green tea, rosemary, chamomile, and wild yam extracts and you’ve also got a concoction that can make even the most sleep deprived eyes look like they’ve been catching ZZZs.
Want proof? Take a look at my jet-lagged self the morning after a seven hour flight to Scotland, five hours off of my NYC circadian rhythm. (Yes, I am hiding behind a curtain to take a natural light selfie without waking my roommate, why do you ask?)
Erborian Ginseng Infusion Total Eye
Sleepy-faced? Sure. Pale and pasty? Hey, don’t get personal. But dark-circled, sunken-eyed, is-she-secretly-in-a-fight-club? I think not.
My favorite part of this cream is that, while I’ve always been a fan of nighttime eye cream application, this baby has enough oomph to get me through the nighttime hours (whichever time zone I’m in), but also works for day. As someone who battles naturally oily skin, I was initially worried that this robust cream was going to leave my eye area slick and impossible to apply some much-needed concealer to, but as I scooped out a pea sized dab of the thick white cream and began dotting it onto my undereye (still confused about how you should be applying eye cream? We’ve got you covered) it began melting in right away.
A few seconds of gently tapping it into skin and I was left with an undereye area that felt fully hydrated (goodbye crepey-ness) but not remotely oily. Getting through my usual morning makeup routine was a breeze with it on, and in fact, I think I used less product than usual because it wasn’t all being absorbed by my thirsty skin cells.
The bottom line:
My body may not be able to keep up with the pace of around the world travel, but the Erborian Ginseng Infusion Total Eye at least makes it look like I’m not drained and jet-lagged. The thick texture in the pot gives way to a stunningly light moisturizer on the skin, one that you can wear day or night. Ginseng helps stave off creeping fine lines and crepe-y skin while shea butter helps plump up that thin dehydrated undereye area, making it look brighter and your eyes look more awake.

+ Have you tried the Erborian Ginseng Infusion Total Eye? Let us know what you think below!

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