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etude house color factory

The Etude House Color Factory Creates Customized Lipsticks to Match Your Skin Tone

Go on a tour of the Etude House Color Factory in Seoul!

I don’t think anyone really outgrows cute packaging. I’m 31 and baby clothing will make me grin a stupid, toothy smile and popsicle inspired lip tints will still make me squeal.
That’s why Etude House, a K-beauty brand known for its really cute packaging and unique makeup innovations, actually caters to a wide range of ages (yes, you don’t have to be in high school to appreciate their products!)
And I’m here to tell you that a recent visit to their newly launched Color Factory in Seoul is so next level, people of all ages will want to visit.
etude house color factory

So, what is the Color Factory?

etude house color factory
The Color Factory is a new concept shop Etude House has launched in Myeongdong and Garogusil, two prominent beauty shopping districts in Korea.
etude house color factory
At the Color Factory, you get the chance to have a completely customized lip color made just for you, to match your skin tone, hair, and style that you prefer.
etude house color factory
Don’t worry, you’re not on your own. You’ll have a personal Color Consultant guide you throughout the entire process. Here’s how it goes: Once a shade is determined…
etude house color factory
They’ll make the lipstick for you right on the spot…
etude house color factory
In the meantime, you get to pick out your personalized case and message you’ll like to engrave onto the lipstick case…
etude house color factory
The entire experience will take about an hour to an hour and a half, and you’ll only spend $20 for your lipstick.
etude house color factory
My final thoughts: While I once thought Etude House was all about fast beauty, turning out innovations at the speed of light, this experience reminded me that they’re also about quality and customization too. You’ve absolutely got to check this out if you’re in Seoul!
Here are the Color Factory phone numbers. You need to call them to make a reservation in advance. Also, head over to my ultimate 72 hour guide to all the beauty spots in Seoul for more fun adventures!

+ What do you think about the Etude House Color Factory? Let me know below!

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