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enature moringa cleansing balm review

The Anti-Aging Balm Cleanser Sensitive Skin Will Love

In our Enature Moringa Cleansing Balm review, we explain why it’s a great cleanser for sensitive skin.

If there is one skin care step that Korean women always emphasize, it’s cleansing. There’s a reason why double cleansing, and learning to do it the right way, is the first step anyone should take when starting the Korean skin care routine.
Aside from acquiring the right techniques, a big part of building a successful skin care routine is identifying your skin’s needs and finding products that work well for your skin. Even though I’m constantly testing products, I’m very picky when it comes to deciding which products get to stay in my medicine cabinet. Recently, I found a cleansing balm that works extremely well for my combination, redness-prone skin: the Enature Moringa Cleansing Balm. It quickly became a staple in my morning and night cleansing routine because it power cleanses skin without making it feel greasy or irritated.

The ingredients:

The star ingredient in this cleansing balm is moringa seed extract, which is loaded with vitamin A to promote collagen production and fight signs of aging. It’s also known to fight inflammation, so sensitive skin types can enjoy this cleanser without the fear of irritation.
Another ingredient I should mention is birch juice, which is also found in the much-loved Birch Juice Hydro Essence Skin and the Birch Juice Hydro Sleeping Pack from the same brand. Birch juice mimics skin’s natural moisturizing factor to balance skin’s moisture level and protect skin from the environmental stress like UV rays and pollution. Plus, birch juice is intensely hydrating—way better than a filler ingredient like water.

How it feels:

Similar to many cleansing balms out there, the Enature cleansing balm has a sherbet-texture that makes it so satisfying to scoop:
The scent is uniquely herbal and reminds me of one of those handmade candles sold at tucked away boutique stores. It’s fresh, soothing, and rich. Scent is something that’s so easy to get used to that even the best scented product will lose its value very quickly. But with the Enature Cleansing Balm, I feel like I’m giving myself a mini spa each time.


A powerful makeup remover

Within seconds, the sherbet texture of the Enature Cleansing Balm melts into a rich, but not overly heavy, oil. It easily melts all makeup, including waterproof eyeliner.
The only thing that took a while to remove was the Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix mascara, which lived up to its reputation of being so waterproof and smudge-proof you could walk into a torrential downpour and come out with your lashes intact. I wouldn’t rely on facial cleansers to remove my eye makeup anyway (I prefer a separate eye makeup remover to minimize tugging at my eye area), but if you want to know how strong this oil cleanser is, I can tell you that it’s one of the top three I’ve tried when it comes to removing makeup. Even the Etude House mascara eventually melted way.
After I rinse, when I run a cotton pad soaked in cleansing water, like the Neogen Real Flower Cleansing Water Calendula, over my skin, nothing comes off.
So how does this cleansing balm compare to the cult favorite Banila Co Clean It Zero Classic? I would say that the biggest differences are in texture and how my skin feels afterwards. Both cleansers are sherbet-like and do a fantastic job melting away makeup, but the Banila Co has a lighter, more slippery texture that reminds me of silicone. The Enature cleansing balm is thicker and feels more luxurious on the skin.
While I still like the Banila Co cleanser in a general sense, it tends to leave a subtle trace of slippery film on my face. Even though I don’t want squeaky clean skin, I prefer a slightly fresher finish. The Enature cleansing balm washes off more thoroughly and leaves my skin feeling refreshed without feeling greasy or dry. In fact, my skin feels perfectly balanced.

Bottom line:

If you feel like you’ve graduated from Banila Co and you’re thinking about upgrading your everyday oil cleanser, this is the one to try next. Of course, at only 75mL, it does have less product than other cleansing balms out there. The scent might also not be for everyone. But in my experience, it not only makes my skin feel soft and moisturized, it even provides anti-aging benefits.
Plus, because it’s a cleansing balm, it’s so easy to take on the go. From weekdays to weekends, this oil cleanser is the one I reach out to every time, and your skin might fall in love with it just as easily as mine did.

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