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I Started Dry Brushing My Face and Now My Skin Is Firmer, Brighter, and Smoother

You may have heard of dry brushing your body, but would you use the tool on your face? Here, one writer shares why she’s loving the technique and what it can do for your skin.

If you’re even mildly curious about wellness trends, you’ve probably been introduced to the concept of dry brushing at some point. The technique—which involves vigorously massaging the body in upward strokes with a hand-held stiff-bristled brush—has been popularized over the years for its circulation-boosting, skin-firming properties, particularly when used on the thighs, buttocks and stomach. I’ve done it for years, usually in the morning before hopping in the shower, and it’s always made the appearance of my skin and muscles look more rejuvenated and toned.

With so many people seeing great results from dry brushing below the neck, it only makes sense that the technique would be adopted for the face, albeit with a few minor adjustments.

The first time I experienced facial dry brushing was during a treatment at Toronto’s Province Apothecary spa and immediately fell in love with the results and purchased a brush for myself.

If you’ve ever dry brushed your body, you’re probably thinking, “that’s way too harsh for my face!” but rest assured, facial dry brushes are made of far softer bristles resulting in a much gentler version than the body tool. I personally use Province Apothecary’s Daily Glow Facial Dry Brush but there are many facial dry brushes available on the market to choose from.

What Does It Do?

Just like a body brush, a facial dry brush helps boost blood flow in your skin, which encourages cell rejuvenation and imparts an immediate “natural glow” to the face. Not only that, but the sweeping motions of my dry brushing routine work as a gentle lymphatic massage, helping to drain excess fluid from the usually sluggish lymphatic system, which reduces puffiness around the face and helps to decongest the skin.

Along with the internal benefits, the soft bristles provide a light physical exfoliation, helping eliminate any flakiness or uneven texture, which is ideal for me since my skin can feel rough when it’s dehydrated.

Regular use of my facial dry brush, usually following this routine leaves my skin feeling firmer, fresher and brighter and helps to jump start my daily skin care routine.

How Do You Use It?

I use my dry brush in the morning before applying any skin care products. Always on dry skin, I start by gently buffing the brush against the outer perimeters of my face, along my jawline and down my neck, and then sweep it in short strokes upwards along my forehead and cheeks, as well as in light figure-eight motions around my eyes and softer strokes over any fine lines (particularly on my forehead and laugh lines).

The whole process is simultaneously relaxing and invigorating, which feels like the perfect way to start my day. After I’ve completed my brushing routine, I feel more alert, my skin looks brighter and I’m much less puffy, particularly around my eyes and jawline.

I’ll usually follow up with a facial mist or a hydrating toner before applying the rest of my morning skin care products and SPF.

For optimal glow and an antioxidant boost, apply a brightening serum after you’ve dry-brushed.

Quick Tips

  • To ensure your dry brush always provides you with the best results, never use it wet or on skin that is damp with any oils or moisturizers.
  • Keep it clean by sprinkling the bristles with cornstarch or clay (no soap or water).

  • Avoid using it on skin that is broken out or irritated. If you are experiencing an active breakout, try a gentle facial massage with clean hands or a jade roller instead.

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