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This Liquid Is The Extra Layer Your Skin Needs

Dr. Jart was one of the earlier Korean brands to show up in U.S. retail stores. I first encountered this brand when I tried their BB creams a couple years ago. I have very sensitive skin, mild eczema, and occasional hormonal breakouts, so I was quickly won over by the fact that the BB creams did not cause any irritation (but quickly lost by the fact that they didn’t really match my fair skin color).

As time went by, I delved deeper into the shelves of Dr. Jart products, gingerly trying each one on my arm, patting, sniffing, fretting over the price tag, and leaving the store empty handed. Then, one cold New York winter day, I tried the Ceramidin Liquid. From the moment it instantly absorbed into the backs of my rough hands, leaving them plump and hydrated, I knew it had to be mine!

So, first things first. If you’re like me, you might be wondering: what is the Ceramidin Liquid? According to the brand it tones, hydrates, softens, and thoroughly confuses you about which step in your routine it is intended to be used for. Long story short, this is a serum, and performs wonderfully as that.


The first thing I noticed about the Ceramidin Liquid is its consistency. It comes out of the bottle as a very cohesive drop, meaning it sticks together, like a raindrop, until you spread it over the skin. This is a great property for a product intended to mimic your skin’s natural moisture barrier to contain, as the cohesion allows the serum to stick to itself on your skin, forming a barrier that locks in moisture and keeps irritants out. When you do spread the product, it becomes very liquidy with a nice amount of slip, making it easy to smooth over the skin without tugging and absorb easily and fully. The texture is that of a light serum, only slightly richer than a thicker essence like the COSRX Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence (which I love, by the way).


This serum has a very natural, foresty, and slightly citrusy scent, which most likely comes from the elm, sage, and bergamot that it contains. It has no added fragrance, and the natural scent fades over time. I am sensitive to fragrances in cosmetics, and this was never an issue for me. In fact, I kind of enjoy the naturey scent!


I love that this serum is loaded with superstar ingredients! Ceramide 3, which the product is named for, hydrates and plumps the skin while protecting and strengthening its moisture barrier. The product also boasts many natural ingredients, so I’ll just name a few.  Elm root extract (ulmus davidiana), a common ingredient in traditional Eastern medicine which is used for reducing inflammation of the skin, is super high up the list. Licorice root extract and aloe vera calm irritation and redness, and bergamot oil has antibiotic properties and fades hyperpigmentation, so it’s great for acne! Lactic acid and acetic acid, both AHAs, gently exfoliate and brighten the skin over time. And, once again, there is no added fragrance.

However, if you are sensitive to products containing alcohol then this might not be the right choice for you, because denatured alcohol is the fifth ingredient.


This product comes in super easy to use and hygienic packaging. The serum is not dispensed with a vile, but is squeezed out through the opening at the top that conveniently releases about one drop at a time. Like the brand’s name — Dr. Jart — the packaging appears very medical, but that’s okay by me! My boyfriend, however, did mention that it looked like a prescription. If anything that just makes it look like more serious skincare though 😉


Now that we’ve got all the deets down, I’ll move on to the most important part of this review: the results! I experienced really great results when using this product. It quickly adds moisture to dry and dehydrated skin and makes it appear fuller, smoother, and a tad bit glowier. As a result, makeup goes on more smoothly as well. Over the eight months I used this product morning and night, I did notice my skin gradually became calmer. There was less redness as well as fewer post acne marks, leading to a more even tone overall.

How To Use

Use this serum after cleansing, toning, and applying an essence. To use, squeeze 3 or 4 drops onto the back of your hand and gently pat into your face and neck with your fingertips until fully absorbed. Next, apply your usual moisturizer. This product works well for all seasons, as it is hydrating but non-greasy and light in texture.

To sum it all up, I loved this product enough to purchase it not once, but twice, and I’ve been known to have commitment issues in the past. (Shh… don’t tell the bin of partially used products on my dresser, they’re all special in their own way!) If you’ve been on the lookout for a hydrating serum that won’t feel heavy on your skin, this may just be your perfect match.