4 Ways a Cushion Compact Puff is Better Than a Beautyblender

By August 29, 2017

Which one do you prefer—a cushion compact or Beautyblender? Find out why we think the cushion puff is a superior makeup applicator:

Cushion compacts and Beautyblenders are beloved by beauty aficionados for their ease when it comes to applying flawless-looking foundation. And while both are exceptional at providing a smooth, crease-free finish, a cushion compact has four advantages over a Beautyblender. Let’s explore them, shall we?

Reason #1: Cushion puffs don’t require any water.

Anyone who owns a Beautyblender knows that in order for it to work to its full potential, it’s best if you dampen it first. Guess what? Cushion puffs don’t need any water—all you have to do it push the puff down onto the sponge and apply. You’ll get the same result as a Beautyblender with the puff and it’s easy to use literally any time and anywhere.

Reason #2: Cushion puffs require less product.

Fact: You can achieve perfect coverage with both a Beautyblender and a cushion puff. The only difference? A cushion puff doesn’t soak up product. It’s designed to pick up the right amount of foundation and better apply it onto your skin, so unlike the Beautyblender, there’s no wasted product that gets sucked into the sponge never to be seen again.

Reason #3: Cushion puffs give you a more even coverage.

When you use a Beautyblender, it can be tricky trying to navigate exactly how much foundation to you should put on your face or on the Beautyblender to make sure your coverage is even and not cakey. But the cushion compact has this method down to a science. It all comes down to how you push the puff down onto the sponge in the compact. It’s simple: With a compact like the Klavuu High Coverage Marine Collagen Aqua Cushion, lightly twist the puff as you gently push down into the sponge to evenly distribute the product. Then pat away!

Reason #4: A cushion puff is more sanitary.

Ever try to travel with a Beautyblender? It’s kind of gross. Unless you take the time to put it in its own little Ziploc bag, having your Beautyblender roll around your makeup bag all day is not ideal. A cushion puff lives inside the closed compact, keeping the puff fresh and clean forever. Plus, it’s a puff that comes with foundation attached to it—what’s not to love?

Still not convinced? Watch the video above to see our reasons in action!

+ What’s your choice? Cushion compact or Beautyblender? Sound off in the comments!

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