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etude house review

The Curling Mascara That Has Enough Staying Power to Withstand Humidity

The Klog Etude House review of the brand’s famous mascara! If you’re looking for a mascara that can bring strong curling power that lasts, the Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix is a must-have. Find out why!

There are few things in the beauty world I hate more than eye makeup that can’t tough it out. Runny eyeliner and smeary shadows drive me crazy, but right at the top of my Most Loathed list is mascara that gives up halfway through the day. The combination of my oily lids (hello smudges) and New York’s unpredictable weather (It’s raining! No, it’s 90 degrees and sunny!) have sent a lot of mascara tubes to an early grave. But then I met the Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix.

Available in brown, black, and plum, the formula is designed to provide curl to even the most pin-straight of lashes and hold them there for 24 hours (yes, really). Seeing as my rate of “forgetting to curl my lashes” is approximately 90 percent, I figured I could use any help I could get in the department. The wand itself looks similar to a classic mascara wand, except that one side is prickled with tiny, short bristles while the other has full length ones. The mix of lengths allows the brush to grab at even the stubby or unruly lashes that tend to escape typical brushes.

etude house review

I found the best way to fully coat each of my lashes was to start with the shorter bristles right at the base of the lashes, wiggle as I dragged the wand up, then come back with the longer bristles to separately cover each lash to the very tip.

The curling effect is impressive; I don’t have super straight lashes to begin with, but after giving the mascara time to set, they did seem noticeably lifted and my eyes decidedly more open.

etude house review

The feature that really captured my attention, though, was the lasting power: a mascara that can make my eyes look more awake AND can resists water, sweat, and oil? With summer quite literally upon me, the promise of a mascara that could take me through Labor Day bright eyed and unsmudged was too good to pass up.

The first pace I put the Etude House mascara through was unconventional, but nonetheless important: a seven hour flight. I slept and squirmed and rubbed my face all over that tiny disposable pillow they give you, and while my blush may not have made it all the way across the pond, nearly a full day after I first applied it my mascara came out of the trial totally unscathed.

Next up, getting caught in a rainstorm. My hair got drenched, my brows basically disappeared, but mascara? Still chugging along. In fact, after days of wear from the gym to the sauna to a freak NYC heatwave, my lashes stayed dark, curled, and completely unsmudged. I’d dare say that unless you plan on doing some serious swimming, you could even replace your go-to poolside lash enhancer with this version.

etude house review

Of course, that kind of staying power does mean that the mascara can be slightly tricky to get off. The best way to handle it, I found, is to treat it just like an exceptional waterproof mascara: Coat a cotton pad in waterproof eye makeup remover or an oil cleanser and place it gently over the eye, allowing it to sit there for 15-30 seconds so that the oils can break down the polymer bonds in the mascara and let it be easily wiped away, no eyelash loss required.

The bottom line:

The Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara does just what it claims on the tube: provides serious curl with major staying power. Really serious staying power. Water, oil, and general wear-and-tear weren’t able to make this formula buckle, making it a great alternative for waterproof mascara or for anyone who usually finds themselves in mascara meltdown by happy hour. That stick-to-itiveness can make washing the formula off tricky, but a good oil-based cleanser is all you need to clean away every trace. When it comes to the tricky, sweaty, humid months of summer, this is one mascara that definitely belongs in your makeup kit.

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