The 6 Best Beauty Moments of NYFW

By February 17, 2017

That’s a wrap! NYFW Autumn/Winter 2017 has officially concluded, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still thinking about all the gorgeous clothing, accessories, and of course, the makeup and hair moments. There was some seriously inspiring stuff that happened in the last seven days (like when we got to watch Bella Hadid get a facial with belif products), and you could absolutely tell that designers, makeup artists, hair stylists, and manicurists were feeling extra inspired and ready for a creative release. Here are the six best beauty moments of NYFW.

Velvet ribbons at Tory Burch

velvet ribbons tory burch nyfw

You better stock up on a bunch of velvet ribbon because after it made such a splash at Tory Burch’s fashion show, we think it’s going to sell out. Guido Palau, the lead hairstylist for Redken, created a silky smooth, low-sitting ponytail and then wrapped a midnight black velvet around the base.

That effortless droop paired with the luxe, textured velvet made this ultra-chic and ultra-wearable. This was one of the buzziest moments from fashion week, and we can totally see why. But really, at the beginning of fashion week, who would have thought that a simple ribbon would garner that much attention?

Talismen nails at The Blondes

talisman nails at the blondes

Jan Arnold and the CND team put together the nails for both Libertine and The Blondes, and in total they spent over 700 hours creating them all from scratch. Both were mind-blowingly awesome (seriously – even the models were oohing and ahhing over them!), but if we had to choose one over the other, it’d have to be the manicure sets at The Blondes because of how magical they are.

The story goes something like this: A long time ago, a girl became entombed. Eventually, in today’s modern world, she was able to break free and her nails served as her superpower from that day forward! How freaking awesome is that?

These nails were so decadent that the designers wanted them to be the only jewelry the models wore on the runway. Every model had a matching set, but each set was completely different, and completely made by hand and from scratch. Jan told us that one of her favorite sets was the python nail, and they’re one of our favorites, too. Every single piece was a true piece of art, though.

Grungy cat eyes at Libertine

Romanian gypsy cat eyes at Libertine

Katie Jane Hughes, the lead makeup artist for Korean brand Too Cool for School, is a pure makeup genius. She’s worked the Libertine show during NYFW many times over, and her and Johnson Hartig (Libertine’s designer) seem to be on the same wavelength. This year, the makeup was all about fresh and hydrated skin, but it was paired with a—wait for it—grungy black eye.

“It’s never not going to be a black eye at Libertine,” Hughes said backstage. “I’ll be amazed the day that it’s not a black eye, but every season is going to have a twist, and this season’s twist is gloss.”

To create the look, the TCFS makeup squad prepped the skin (including eyelids) with the Egg Mellow Cream “to get the skin nice and glowy from within,” said Hughes. Next, they combined the Dinoplatz Highline Eyeliner in Charcoal with the Egg Mellow Cream on the back of their hands, working it until they got a perfect, slippery paste. From there, they worked the mixed products onto the eyes to create an overdrawn, moody, shadowy cat eye.

Protip from Hughes: “A strong wing should be flat at the top and straight from the eye, versus curving. And if you’ve got a hooded eye or a fold in your eyelid, you have to totally fake it and place it in different places you wouldn’t usually place it. The best way to do that is to just stare at yourself in the mirror, with your head completely relaxed.”

She also says that the difference between using this combination of products versus a cream eyeshadow is that the Egg Mellow Cream will cause the look to “crack more and look more grungy throughout its life on the face.”

To complete the look, makeup artists dabbed Dinoplatz Lip Balm in Spilled Wine onto the lids for that twist. After setting for a little bit, the gloss started melting and creasing, further adding to that lived-in vibe.

Romantic twisted half updos at Jenny Packham

Romantic twisted half updos at Jenny Packham

Grunge will forever have a place in our hearts, but we love a little romance, too. Cue the dreamy, twisted half updos worn by Jenny Packham’s model fleet. Famed hairstylist, Odile Gilbert, was in charge of creating this look. Backstage, she explained that hairstylists began by creating a deep, modern side part to give the impression of a sweeping bang at the front. They also used a curling iron to create volume, waves, and a bit of texture. 

From there, they grabbed a section of hair from either side of the head, then looped small sections of additional hair from underneath over-and-around the pulled-back section. This is what created that piece-y, soft, super romantic finished look. We love that this hairstyle can be recreated on both short and long hair, don’t you?

Graphic eye color at Prabal Gurung

Graphic Eye Color at Prabal Gurung

The runways were filled with a lot of neutral, natural colors, so anytime we saw a pop of color it was much welcomed. One such instance was the eye makeup at Prabal Gurung, where the M.A.C. Cosmetics team, lead by Diane Kendal, chose to apply very graphic, nearly electric, makeup to each of the models’ eyelids.

We appreciated that all the models worked the “negative space,” geometric eye color—versus having only a few girls wear it—and that there was such a variety of color. Makeup artists used M.A.C. Chromacake in one of the following shades: Cyan, Genuine Orange, Landscape Green, Marine Ultra, or True Chartreuse.

Though we’re not sure this look is totally wearable (your boss may not approve), it’s totally one to try out if you’re feeling daring on a Friday night.

Textured headbands at Altuzarra

altuzarra textured head bands

The Altuzarra girl during NYFW was inspired by the painting and movie, “Girl With the Pearl Earring.” She’s simple but lovely, and the headbands were a reference to the blue wrap she wears around her head.

This look also felt like a throwback to those thick headbands we all wore in the ‘90s (remember?). Only the accessory didn’t feel dated; it felt rich, luxurious, and chic. The models wore an array of headbands, including a mink fur headband decorated with teardrop pearls, and leather in several colors. What do you think about headbands making a comeback? Would you wear one?

+ Feeling inspired to try any of the above? And did we miss one of your favorite moments from NYFW? If so, share in the comments below!

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