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Skin Care Diaries April 5_-53

Beauty Diaries: A 25-Year-Old Actress in LA With a $540 Skin Care Routine

How much does your daily beauty routine cost? Welcome to The Klog Beauty Diaries. Inspired by Refinery29’s Money Diaries, we thought it would be fun to recap a day in the life of people with different occupations and highlight their beauty routines. Here, an actress in Los Angeles.

Hi, Klog! Aw man, I’m so excited.  So I’m a 25-year-old film & television actress living in Los Angeles. My career basically demands 100% good skin days; Murphy’s law of skin states a pimple will arrive the day of a close up. So two years ago, I embarked on my first 10 step routine and never looked back.
I think I got my skin care diligence from my mom. When I found my first pimple at 12, she insisted she wouldn’t buy me the vanishing cream until I committed to washing and toning my face every morning for a week. Turns out that habit made the vanishing cream irrelevant. Nice one, mom.

Because the film industry never sleeps, my day could start anywhere from 4am to noon, depending on my call time. Today…

6:00am – HA!  Oh phone, you’re so funny, no I am not getting up.

6:09am – Wow, you’re just delusional.

6:15am – Well I guess this is happening.  I always begin with a double cleanse, no matter the hour, using Heimish All Clean Balm and following with Cosrx Good Morning Gel Cleanser. Next, I dampen a cotton pad with Klairs Supple Preparation Toner, and I somehow always get more residue off with that pad. It’s terrifying and satisfying at the same time. Next I’ll smooth a generous drop of Hanskin Hyaluron Essence in and pat like crazy. Now things get funky with Benton Snail Bee Essence. Yeah, two essences… but snail bee products and my skin are best friends.  Then I tend to my electric kettle’s freak out so I don’t disturb the neighbors.

6:22am – Even on the shortest of mornings, I never skip eye cream—it makes me look awake no matter what I actually am. Erborian Ginseng Eye Cream is my go-to. I tried tons of eye creams, and of course, the most expensive one ended up being my favorite. Thanks, eye skin. I go figure out my outfit while all these layers absorb.

6:30am – To finish, I dip into my favorite multi-tasker, Dr. Jart Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment.  I have sensitive skin, and this cream soothes, has 30 SPF, and doubles as a B.B. cream.

7:00am – Yeah I’m at location, but I have no idea which one of these lots my car goes in. While I wait for someone to point me in the right direction, I slather on some Jack Black SPF lip balm in Shea Butter. It smells like birthday cake.  I’m serious.

7:10am – I made it to set, found my parking area, and trekked to the shuttle for transport.  I whip out my Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist to stave off dry air conditioning in the trailers.  Now my face is officially the property of my glamour team, so no touchey (and if you do touchey, they will hunt you down in the most loving way possible and redo all of it).

9:03am – As I’m asked to come to set, I slip my Missha Essence Sun Milk SPF 50 into the MUA’s hand and ask her to remind me to reapply it, since we’re outdoors all day today.

6:45pm – On my drive home, I get a call that my boyfriend’s parents are in town and we’re going to a special dinner. I pull over into a Trader Joe’s parking lot to wait out the worst of rush hour and fix this situation. Seems like I’m gonna have to remove the twelve layers of vampire make up I have on with some Pond’s Make-up Removing Wipes in Evening Soothe.

My Ibuki Mist will have to do all the moisturizing, and act as my primer. I tap in the Laneige BB Cushion Pore Blur, dab a teeny amount of Tony Moly Dear Lip Tint in shade 1 for a quick bitten lip, and some Clio Gelpresso Liner in brown. My trial size Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara travels with me everywhere, since I rarely use up a full mascara before it dries out. Lastly, a pass with Tony Moly Brow Pencil in Light Brown to keep it subtle and one more all-over spray with Ibuki to set everything.

7:30pm – At the restaurant, I rub in some Loccitane Hand Cream Amande, because MY GOODNESS are my hands sad.

9:05pm – Finally home for the night, and I need skin rehab. I dress for the occasion with my Etude House fuzzy white ears. For night cleansing, I swap in Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser for the COSRX gel. Klairs toner, Hanskin essence, The Ordinary Buffet serum and then my Erborian eye cream. Every other night I use Sunday Riley’s Good Genes Serum, which I got as a birthday present, though I admit I will fully buy this when I run out, as I am now addicted to having no blackheads. Tomorrow night it’ll be COSRX Triple C serum ($27).

9:26pm – My boyfriend wonders plaintively if he’ll ever get to take a shower. Good news for him, I’m almost done. I break out my secret weapon for perfect morning skin; Benton Snail Bee sheet masks.  I figure out where I left off re-watching Seinfeld and zone out with my script for the next week.

10:30pm – When my mask is all used up, I finish off with Dr. Jart Cicapair Cream to seal in all the goodness and stumble into bed because call time tomorrow is changed to 5am.  Oh dear.

10:48pm – Just as I’m drifting away I yawn and crack my entire lips. Luckily, I keep my Laneige Lip Mask on my nightstand, so on goes a coat of that. Except now I’m awake enough to remember my hair is a teased up nightmare, and my hair dresser doesn’t deserve that kind of stress tomorrow. OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam, when rubbed in overnight, seems to work the best magic, plus a dose of Living Proof split end mending cream.

10:59pm – Ok for real this time, sleep…or more Seinfeld.

Skin care: $538.50
Makeup: $74
Hair + Tools: $62Grand total: $674.50

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