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The Trending K-beauty Ingredient That Can Heal Acne Faster

Find out the bamboo extract benefits for acne-prone skin and why one particular new Korean moisturizer is the perfect product to try if you want to experiment with the trendy ingredient.

When it comes to acne we’re constantly told to use chemical exfoliants like AHAs and BHAs as if they’re miracle ingredients that will get rid of acne for good. While they are essential acids used for keeping acne at bay it’s also important to have a well-rounded routine.

Incorporating products that help to strengthen and heal the skin will not only rejuvenate the skin but also increase the benefits of your other acne-fighting products. Bamboo is the latest in K-beauty skin care ingredients that not only locks in moisture but also keeps those pesky acne spots away. Keep reading to find out how bamboo is a must for your acne-fighting skin care routine.

The benefits of bamboo:

Ever wonder why you see so many K-beauty products with bamboo? Well, this powerhouse ingredient is packed with skin-benefiting ingredients that work to heal and regenerate the skin. This is thanks to the fact that bamboo actually contains 70% natural silica, an organic compound that is essential for the body and works to keep your skin looking healthy, supple and radiant.

Bamboo extract is also rich in many essential compounds, like amino acids and flavonoids, which are packed with antioxidants that protect skin from oxidative stress. This is an important component of the ingredient because it shields skin from damaging UV rays that will not only prematurely age skin but also irritate acne-prone skin, making it look worse.

Bamboo extract can actually strengthen the skin, making it perfect for those suffering from acne. When you’re dealing with acne, you’re also likely affected by a damaged moisture barrier, which is the outer barrier of your skin that protects you from bacteria and environmental pollutants. Bamboo extract helps strengthen that barrier and protect and restore your skin’s resilience. A stronger barrier makes it easier for skin to fight against acne-causing bacteria.

Why the Dr. Oracle A-thera Cream is a must-have for acne:

Treating acne is all about deep cleaning the pores and the way we tend to approach this is with chemical exfoliants, like salicylic or glycolic acid. While these are amazing at going beneath the surface to clear out all the gunk hidden below, they do tend to sensitize skin and cause it to become red and irritated. Using a cream like the Dr. Oracle A-Thera Cream, which is rich in bamboo extract, in conjunction with your usual acne-fighting products can balance and soothe the skin from the constant use of chemical exfoliators. Since this cream balances and calms your skin, it will also help boost the effectiveness of any acids you use.

The last thing I want when I’m dealing with breakouts is to use heavy, greasy moisturizers that sting upon application, which is why the Dr. Oracle A-Thera Cream is a must when I’m dealing with acne. Since bamboo extract is an anti-inflammatory, the Dr. Oracle cream helps to calm my skin, which is absolutely crucial when I have red, angry bumps.

The nourishing bamboo extract combined with the lightweight and breathable formula hydrates my skin without weighing it down. This is especially important for those suffering from acne prone skin since it will balance sebum production and unclog stubborn pores to keep them free from oil.

Bottom line

Treating acne is more than just spot treatments! Including moisturizers with soothing, skin-strengthening and oil-balancing skin care ingredients like bamboo will assist in fortifying your skin’s barrier, increasing its ability to heal quickly and effectively, and protecting it from acne-causing bacteria.

Trust us: Using the right moisturizer when you have acne will leave your skin clearer, happier, and healthier.

+What are your favorite products with bamboo extract benefits? Let us know in the comments below!

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