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Pro Golfer Anna Rawson’s Routine to Protect Skin from Sun Exposure

Find out the products professional golfer Anna Rawson uses every morning and night for radiant skin.

Anna Rawson has a resume packed with accolades. At 36, she can list being an American professional golfer (finishing third in the Ladies European Tour in 2005, no less), being a recent graduate of Columbia Business School, and being a professional model to her list of accomplishments.
This woman can really do it all. Even better: She’s a huge fan of Korean beauty. (Seriously, scroll down and take a look at her morning and evening routines.)
We got a chance to chat with Anna about how she fell in love with K-beauty, her favorite products, and—since she’s outside a lot—her best tips for preventing sun damage.
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How did you discover K-beauty?

I grew up in Australia, and then moved to the US for university on a golf scholarship. After graduating USC, I became a professional golfer. After six years, I stopped golf and went to Columbia Business School, which is where I met Dave Cho [Charlotte Cho’s husband and CEO of Soko Glam]. 
At that time, I was very interested in skin care, and I had heard of Korean beauty because I had spent a lot of time in Korea playing golf, but I had never really had good access to the products. I had ordered a couple of cushions, but I wasn’t really convinced. Then I read Charlotte’s book, The Little Book of Skincare
The way she explained it made so much sense, and I decided I wasn’t taking care of my skin properly. And that’s when I thought “OK, let me give the full routine a try for six months and see what happens.” And honestly, it was amazing right away. My skin changed and people were telling me my skin looked so good and was glowing. Long story short, I’m a complete addict now.
What do you think was different about K-Beauty compared to other products?
I think it goes back to the double cleanse. It’s amazing. As a golfer, I constantly have to wear so much sunscreen, and I feel the oil cleanser really taking off the sunscreen and all the oils I’m producing throughout the day out on the course. Now, I’ll even triple cleanse sometimes.
Also toning! I’ve realized how important it is to get my skin back to a stable pH level. Not to mention, with other brands you’ll drop $500 on a three-step regimen, whereas with K-beauty, I was getting a full regimen for just over $100. It took some trial and error, and that price point makes it so much easier. 
It’s also fun to try all the new products, because I love all the innovation. Things like exfoliating pads are so brilliant and useful for people like me with busy schedules.
What products were you using before K-beauty?
I was using a lot of natural-based Western products. I liked them, but I definitely wasn’t cleansing my skin well enough, and my skin was so dull. I wasn’t glowing like I am now. I would also use a powder on my skin which now I would never use now because I’m all about the dewy glow and wearing way less makeup.
But for the makeup I do use, I’ve also converted to K-beauty. I’m in love with the Son & Park Eyeshadow palettes and highlighters, and the Peripera Wholly Deep Jewel Pots. I get compliments on them all the time. I’m also now obsessed with the 3CE Back to Baby Glow Beam highlighter that Charlotte recommended to me.

What are your favorite products for sun protection?

I love the Klavuu High Coverage Marine Collagen Aqua Cushion, which I reapply constantly. I also love the Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream and the Neogen DayLight sunscreen. On top of the sunscreen, I use the Erborian BB Cream for a bit of tint. I re-apply with my cushion after nine holes.

What’s your favorite product to treat your skin after a full day out in the sun?

I’m all about anything that works to fight hyperpigmentation. I’m in love with the Cosrx Triple C Lightning Liquid and use it every day, because vitamin C works such wonders.

What are your favorite beauty products for pregnancy?

I’ve added some products from Drunk Elephant because they’re very natural and organic. But, I always come back to my favorite K-beauty products. I love Enature, RE: P, and Erborian products because I’m all about more natural and organic products. While I’m pregnant, I like to keep clear of retinols and AHAs.
anna rawson interview
anna rawson interview

Of your morning and evening routine products, which ones are your favorite?

For both morning and evening, my favorite product is the Klairs Supple Preparation Toner. It feels amazing on my skin and is so hydrating! 

What’s your best skin care tip you can give to others, especially when it comes to being outside a lot?

Get a good cushion compact with high SPF, like the Klavuu one I love, so you can reapply on the go. The FDA recommends reapplying every two hours so I always have one in my handbag and golf bag!

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