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How to Turn Your Empty Cushion Compact Into an SPF Cushion

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to turn an empty cushion compact into an innovative SPF or sun cushion!

We all know SPF is one of the most important parts of the skin care regimen, and that you should be applying it every single day, rain or shine. However, applying sunscreen once in the morning won’t cut it. In fact, sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours or so. Yes, unfortunately, that means having to reapply before you leave the office for lunch, before you leave to go home, and certainly after you sweat off any SPF that’s clinging on at the end of your afternoon run.
I get it, that much reapplication sounds like a pain, and certainly a worrisome task on top of a full face of makeup. But to solve this issue, brands like AmorePacific have been coming out with SPF cushions or sun cushions, which are cushion compacts with no color foundation and just sunscreen. It allows you to apply your SPF just like any other cushion foundation.
It’s quick, easy to use on the go, and great for even coverage on top of foundation. But, you don’t have to go out and buy a whole new product to get the convenience of an SPF cushion. All you need is an empty cushion compact (any used up foundation cushion will do) and your favorite SPF, and you’re good to go. Read below to discover how to create your own DIY SPF cushion for perfect coverage all day long.  
To do this trick, you need just two things: An empty cushion compact and an SPF with a watery/milky consistency. For the the compact, any used up foundation cushion will do. To start, remove the sponge from inside the cushion compact.
spf cushion
Clean the puff and sponge using the double cleansing method. Put a pump of oil cleanser onto the sponge, work it in with your fingers, and then emulsify the oil with water.
spf cushion
This will break down any remaining makeup and oil residue. Repeat until the emulsified oil comes out a pure milky white, untainted by remaining foundation. Then, follow up with a water based cleanser. Work a gentle hand soap into the cushion to cleanse it of germs and bacteria that the oil cleanser can’t tackle. Rinse both the sponge and the cushion thoroughly, and let them sit to dry.
To cleanse the compact itself, rinse it thoroughly to remove makeup. If any foundation is putting up a strong fight, hit it with a bit of oil cleanser to break it down. Once all visible foundation is out, swipe the inside of the pact with alcohol to completely cleanse it. Let it sit to dry with the sponge and cushion.
Next up, place your SPF inside the newly cleaned cushion compact. For this DIY, you need to make sure you are using a sunscreen that has a milky/watery consistency to ensure it can be properly absorbed by the sponge. The Missha Essence Sun Milk is amazing for this (it literally has milk in the name, come on). Anther great alternative that has been my favorite lately is the Enature Plantlicious UV Sunscreen, which goes on like a hydrating emulsion and is filled with natural ingredients.
Pour the sunscreen into the sponge chamber, filling it up about a third of the way.
spf cushion
Once the sunscreen has been poured in, re-insert the sponge. Press around the surface of the sponge to ensure the sunscreen is fully absorbed by the sponge.
spf cushion
Re-assemble the rest of the cushion, and you’re all set. Toss the compact in your handbag or beach tote, and you’ll have SPF that’s easy to apply all day. It’s quick, easy, and perfect for these upcoming summer months!

+ Would you try this DIY SPF cushion? Let us know below!

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