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3ce treatment hair tint

We Tried the Popular 3CE Treatment Hair Tint That Dyes Your Hair For 7 Days

Curious to know how long the 3CE Treatment Hair Tint actually lasts? Charlotte tested it for you.

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Getting your hair professionally done can be both expensive and disappointing. It often costs hundreds of dollars and you might come out from the salon looking nothing like the image you showed your hair stylist. Then, upon leaving, not only does your hair not look like anything you wanted, you’re stuck with dry and lifeless hair until it grows out.
Look, your hair shouldn’t feel like hay, wheat, or any other type of animal fodder, which is why we tried out this new 3 Concept Eyes Treatment Hair Tint.
Charlotte’s hair with the 3Ce Treatment Hair Tint on Day 2:
3ce hair treatment tint
3ce treatment hair tint
The 3CE Treatment Hair Tint is the perfect solution for those who want dyed hair without the commitment, price, or hair damage. This tint has been trending in Korea because it claims to last for seven days, and then fade away. Because the pigment is short-lived, this makes it a great option for testing out colors. The hair tint also claims to be a treatment, and acts almost like a hair mask. After washing your hair, you apply this to your hair, leave it in for fifteen minutes, and once it’s washed out, you’ve got vibrant, freshly-tinted hair.
Charlotte tried the Rose Brown color on her bleached ends. I wouldn’t say that Rose Brown was really a good name this color because her hair literally turned fiery red. During the week, she washed her hair every other day, and said that her hair felt softer and stronger. The color faded through eight washes, transforming from a 2012 Ariana Grande color to strawberry blonde all the way back to her original bleached hair color. That’s some legit color payoff. The tint left Charlotte’s hair feeling softer and stronger throughout the week.
Charlotte’s hair on Day 6 of the 3CE Treatment Hair Tint:
3ce hair treatment tint

Our verdict:

For eight bucks and 15 minutes of your day, this hair tint is a total win.

+ Have you tried the 3CE Treatment Hair Tint? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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