In Korea, beauty is everywhere. It’s culturally ingrained in everyday life—you sheet-mask with your friends, get skin-inspired by the latest K-drama, and prowl the shops for the next big breakthrough.

K-beauty is all about constant innovation, so new products come to market every day. Which means a small skin miracle is waiting out there. Finding it is the tricky part.

That’s what we do. We scour Seoul to find the products Korean women are crazy about, test the most popular brands and products, and dig around for the hidden gems. We report back with the best of what’s out there—expert skin care advice, new makeup tutorials, and the products we swear by (whether Soko Glam curates them or not).

And because beauty and culture are practically one in the same in Korea, we also review the latest trends (go, K-pop!) and give you a glimpse into the lives and routines of real Korean women and men.

So it’s more than just moisturizer. It’s an inside look at the world we love, and The Klog has the stories.

Discover. Learn. Shop. Have fun.


A Soko Glam project.


The Klog was born back in 2012. At first, it was just a small part of Soko Glam, a place for co-founder (and esthetician) Charlotte Cho to share skin care tips and give deep-dive reviews of her favorite products. It quickly became more than that.

Today, our scope reaches beyond the Soko Glam shelves—our focus is on the entire K‑beauty movement (and yes, it is a movement), and we’ve brought writers and industry experts from all walks of life to weigh in.

Because Korean beauty is bigger than just one company—it’s a whole world. Consider us your source for all things Korean and all things beauty.